Sunday, 22 October 2017

Friday, October 20th

Language- the JKs created the letter F with feathers!

 We did a recap of the different letters we have learned so far.  The JKs came up with different words for each letter.

 Math- Gold Fish sorting.  The JKs sorted the different colours of gold fish into the different fish bowls. 

After sorting the fish, the JKs graphed all their fish and we counted them to see how many of each colour they had.

 Sensory fun!  The JKs created a pumpkin art where they mixed yellow and red to see what colour it would make.

 For fun, we put some blue paint into our pumpkin bags to see what colour it would make when mixed with the other colours.

 The Library!  Our class went to visit Ms. Hayward in the library.  She talked to the students about the different books in the library and how we care for books.

 Our class got the chance to explore the different books in the library!

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