Thursday, 26 October 2017

Thursday, October 26th

Today we talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin!  We looked at what a pumpkin feels and looks like, and how we think it grows.

 Then, Miss Fisher talked about how the pumpkin grows!
Step 1: plant the seeds
Step 2: A little sprout grows
Step 3: Little vines start to grow from the sprout
Step 4: A little green pumpkin begins to grow
Step 5: The green pumpkin grows and slowly turns into an orange pumpkin
Step 6: A big orange pumpkin!!
 The students got their own book about how a pumpkin grows.  The students were able to see the step by step process on the growth of a pumpkin, as well as practice their writing.

 Yoga!! As our Unit of Inquiry focuses on healthy bodies, we practiced mindfulness by doing halloween themed yoga from Cosmic Kids!

Tomorrow we are doing a pumpkin investigation!! Can't wait to see what we find inside our big class pumpkin!  :) Have a great night everyone.

- Ms. Fisher

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