Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tuesday, November 14th

Science experiment!  Today we discussed the school science fair will be happening on November 30th.  We talked about how our class, along with other classes in the school, will be talking about different science experiments they tried.  Our class did a gummy bear experiment today.  We examined what happens when we put the gummy bear in four different liquids (fresh water, salt water, cider vinegar, and baking soda with water).  When we talked about how the gummy bear would be in fresh water and salt water, we talked about what the makes these types of water different, and where we find salt water and fresh water (Eg. Salt water- ocean, fresh water- lakes)

 Our Hypothesis: We talked about what we think will happen to the bears when we put them into the different liquids.
 We recorded our observations:
 We are letting each bear in each liquid over night.  Tomorrow we will talk about if we saw any changes.
 Language- Today the JKs practiced writing the letter K.  We also practiced recognizing the letter K by colouring in the letter amongst a scramble of different letters.

Lockdown rehearsal- Overall our lockdown rehearsal ran very smoothly.  We practiced as a class before the school rehearsal, and students remained quiet during the drill.  Great work, everyone.  -Ms. Fisher

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