Friday, 1 December 2017

Friday, December 1st

Morning Calendar- Today we talked about how today is the first day of December.  We talked about what we see in December, as well as the holidays coming up.
Christmas Concert Rehearsal- The JKs practiced their christmas concert song "Jingle Bell Rock" for the upcoming christmas concert.
Language-  Today the JKs created "Monster M's".  The JKs said they made silly, scary, fluffy, and happy monsters.  

 Letter M!  The boys wanted to show Ms. Fisher how they can make the letter M with their hands.
 We also practed writing our names on the white boards.  Great work, everyone!  😊
 Lunch/ Recess
Library- The JKs visited Ms. Hayward in the library.  We looked at christmas books, winter books, and Disney books.

French- Please see Mlle. Jessica's blog
Gym- Please see Ms. Jans's blog
Math- Today we went on a number hunt!  Numbers 1-9 were hidden in the class and the JKs worked as a team to find the letters.  Once the JKs found the letters, they had to work as a team to put the numbers in order without talking to each other.

Awesome team work, everyone!  Reminder: Report cards are going home today in the agendas.  A reminder that Tuesday, December 5th is Year Ahead Day.  Please be sure to communicate this day with your child as they will be in the SK classrooms.  Note: The teacher they will be with for the day doesn't mean they will be with that same teacher next year. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!! - Ms. Fisher

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