Thursday, 11 January 2018

January 11th

Morning Calendar- Months of the year, weather, days of the week.
Healthy Snack
Music- See Ms. Hayward's Blog
Letter of the week: O
Today we reviewed different words that start with the letter O, as well as sounds.   The JKs practiced writing their letter and went on a letter O hunt.

 Math- Today we touched up on numeracy.  The JKs tossed the alligator on the different numbers and had to count from that number up to 10.  Afterwards, the JKs worked as a team to put the numbered plates in the correct order, and say the different numbers. 

 Lunch/ Recess
New Year Activity-
The JKs drew what the did over the winter break. 

Winter Activity/ Fine motor- The JKs created their own winter hats using cotton balls. 
Inquiry Centres
Pack up/ Home time

** Reminder- Tomorrow is the deadline for lunch payments. 

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