Friday, 12 January 2018

Making Musical Instruments- Message from Ms. Hayward

To end our Musical Instruments unit we will
be making our very own instruments!
In JK we will be making
Percussion instruments
(i.e. instruments you hit and/or shake).

·      I am asking that each student brings in an empty and clean tin can or a container with a lid that they can decorate.
·      I will provide some items students can select to put in their instruments to make sound (e.g. rice, dried beans) but students are welcome to bring in items from home if they wish (e.g. coins, stones, metal washers, etc.)
·      Students are also invited to bring in odds and ends that they might like to use (and/or share) to decorate their instruments (e.g. ribbons, stickers, glitter glue, pom-poms, washi tape, etc.).
The instruments will be assessed as follows:
·      Explains choice of materials and how they make sound
·      Demonstrates playing different dynamics (i.e. loud/soft) and tempo (ie. fast/slow)
·      Following instructions and doing their best work in construction of the instruments
Please label the bag/container items are brought in in so we know what belongs to who.
Please indicate if any of the materials are for sharing with others in their class.
We will be making our instruments on
January 18th

Ms. Heidi Hayward

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