Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Wednesday, January 10th

Welcome back to school!!  It was great to hear what the students did over the holidays with friends and family.

Morning Calendar- Months of the year, weather, days of the week.
Reading Buddies-

 Language- This week we are learning about words that start with the letter Oo and the sounds it makes.  We also discussed how a circle looks like the letter O, and even foods that look like the letter O (Cherrios, froot loops, donuts).

 Lunch/ Recess
Math: We discussed different winter activities and the class put a sticker for their favourite.  We then talked about which activity had the most/ least amount of stickers.

 Gym: See Ms. Jan's blog
Lunch/ Recess
New Years activity- The JKs decorated their own winter hats and told Ms. Fisher what they would like to do in the new year.

Inquiry Centres

Pack up/ Agendas/ Home Time

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