Tuesday, 13 February 2018

100th day of school!

Happy 100th day of school!! 

We had a fun day full of 100th day of school activities!  Check out what our class was up to today:

House game-   today is also pancake Tuesday!  All of St. Jude's participated in a pancake eating competition.  
 Morning Circle
Language-  We talked about 100 things we would like, and 100 things we would not like!

 As a class we came up with 100 words!  WOW!
Brain Break!  We danced to a 100 second dancing video!


We cut and paste a sentence together!  Together we looked at the words and sounded them out to create the sentence.


French- See Mlle. Jessica's blog
Gym- See Ms. Yustin's blog
Lunch/ Recess
100 Gum Balls! The JKs drew 100 gum balls in their gum ball machines.  

Inquiry centres
Pack up/ Agendas

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