Monday, 26 March 2018

Monday, March 26th- Day 2

Welcome back to school!  This week is going to be filled with lots of Easter activities!

Morning Circle- Days of the week, months of the year, today's weather, dress for the weather.
We also talked about everyone's March Break.  It was great to hear about everyone having a fun time with their friends and family!!
Music- Please see Ms. Hayward's blog
Language- Journal writing.  Today we wrote about what we did over the March break.  The students copied the sentence "During the March Break I..." and then drew what they did.  Students then told Ms. Fisher what they drew a picture of and Ms. Fisher wrote it down on their journals.

Math- Today we practiced looking at numbers in different forms and matching them.  Students had to match the Easter bunny with the corresponding tally mark card. 

French- See Mlle. Jessica's Blog
Gym- See Ms. Yustin's blog
Lunch/ Recess
Inquiry Centres
Pack Up/ Home Time

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