Monday, 9 April 2018

Monday, April 9th- Day 4

Morning Circle- Days of the week, months of the year, today's weather, dress for the weather, weekend story share
Healthy Snack
Language- Short Vowel sounds- Letter A Today we wrote simple words that contain the short letter A vowel sound.  We then created the words using Play-doh. 

Math- We rotated through different measurement centres-
1. snap cubes: Students measure different candy items using the snap cubes.  We practiced making sure we start at the bottom of the object and count how many it took.

 2. Goldfish measuring- Students place goldfish on a line and then write how many goldfish it took to cover the lines. 
 3. Birthday candle sorting- Students sort tall/medium/short birthday candles and placed them on the correct cake. 

Continued math centre rotation
French- See Mlle. Jessica's blog
Gym- See Ms. Yustin's blog
Inquiry Centres
Pack Up/Agendas

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