Thursday, 26 April 2018

Thursday April 26th - Day 5

Morning Circle- Days of the week, months of the year, todays weather, dress for the weather, story share, line leader- Tanisha.
Healthy Snack
Upper and lower case race!  As a class we went through a list of upper and lower case letters to practice recognizing letters very quickly.  We were able to recognize 15 letters in 45 seconds!! Students had to say if they were upper or lower case and what letter they saw.
Language continued
Today the JKs rotated through three different centres to practice recognizing beginning sounds and three letter words.
Station 1: three-letter word building.  JKs sounded out the pictures and found the correct letter pieces to spell the word.
 Station 2: Letter Stamps.  JKs used stamps and looked at different pictures (dog, cat, bat) and spelled them with the stamps.
 Station 3: Beginning sound pictures.  Students picked pictures from a pile and had to find the letter it begins with on the wall.  The letters were mixed up to assist in making the activity more challenging.
Math- Measurement with snap cubes! Today we measured the length of our hands with snap cubes.  Students traced their hand, cut it out, and then measured how many cubes-long it was.  Students then counted the amount of cubes and wrote that number in their journals.

French- See Mlle. Jessica's blog
Gym- See Ms. Yustin's blog
UOI- Transportation travel in time!  Ms. Fisher talked to the JKs about the different ways people used to travel.  We looked at people horse back riding, older cars, and old horse-drawn vehicles people used to use to travel.
Inquiry Centres
Pack Up/ Agendas

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