Friday, 4 May 2018

Friday May 4th- Day 5

Notes before the weekend:
Spelling Bee- Please continue practicing spelling bee words at home as our in class competition will be taking place on Thursday, May 10th.  
Art's Night- Continue practicing song at home.  Our Art's Night performance will be taking place on Thursday, May 17th-  There will be a performance at 2pm and the night performance at 7pm.  Students must be at the school by 6:30 as we are bussing to the venue.  I am still brainstorming what outfits we will be wearing for this night.  

Congratulations JKs!!!! We won the very first Golden Broom award for having the tidiest cubby area this week!  Great work, class!

The golden broom award is an award handed out each week to the class who has the tidiest cubby area in the school.  

Grade 6 Exhibition- Today we visited the Grade 6's exhibition to see the projects they have been working on all year.
Language- We practiced copying a sentence from the board and remembering to use finger spaces and a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence.

 We then discussed as a class why we chose the season to write and the students shared why that season is their favourite.
Math- Today we created patterns with different shapes. 
French- See Mlle. Jessica's blog
Gym- See Ms. Yustin's blog
UOI- Amazing Animals
We talked about different living and non-living things and talked about how we will be growing our own live butterflies next week!

Have a great weekend!! - Miss. Fisher

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