Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Tuesday, May 15th- Day 6

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow we will be at City Church for the rehearsing for the Art's Night on Thursday.  Please dress your child in their Academic Uniform.   Below is an outline of our day tomorrow:

May 16th

9:50 - Arrival @ City Church
10:00- Introduction and explanation about day
10:15- Rehearsal begins
11:15-11:30- Rehearsal ends

12:45 - Afternoon rehearsal
1:45-2:00- Afternoon rehearsal
2:00-3:15 - 2nd afternoon rehearsal (if possible)

Note: Summer Camp forms were also sent home in your child's agenda today.

Spelling Bee Competition
Congratulations to Tanisha and Ishaan for their great work in this morning's Spelling Bee!! Our class did a great job showing their support for them both.

Morning Announcements
Spelling Bee (until 10:45)
Cosmic Kids Yoga (until lunch at 11)
Art's Night Performance for Grade 3-6 students in Auditorium 
UOI- All About amphibians!!

Today we learned about different animals that are classified as amphibians.  We talked about the different characteristics amphibians have:
- cold-blooded
- live on water in the first part of their life then move to land

We then discussed the life cycle of a frog:

Math- We practiced drawing shapes and counting the number of sides they have at the same time.  Students used a crayon to draw over the sides of shapes and to colour in the number of sides they have.  
Agendas/Pack Up

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