Thursday, 3 May 2018

Wednesday May 2nd- Day 3

Calendar- Days of the week, months of the year, todays weather, dress for the weather, story share, line leader: Marco
Healthy Snack
Reading Buddies with Ms. Samuel and Ms. Cass's Class
 Math- Today we discussed the number of sides different shapes have. 
 Summative Presentations Continued- Students Presented their transportation summatives to the class.  Well done!!

French- See Mlle. Jessica's Blog
Gym- See Ms. Yustin's blog
Language- Today we practiced recognizing vowels in different words.  Below is an example of words we sounded out as a class to sound out which vowel completes the word. 
 UOI- Amazing Animals! Today we started our amazing animals unit!  We talked about everything we currently know about animals.  Here is what the students told Ms. Fisher:
Inquiry Centres
Pack Up/Agendas

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